Welcome To The Foothills Land Trust

The Foothills Land Trust (“FLT”) was established in 2003 in response to a growing interest in land conservation within the Municipal District (“MD”) of Foothills No. 31 and was a result of the recognition by local residents of the need to form a conservation land trust dedicated to the Foothills region. Due to its proximity to the City of Calgary, the MD of Foothills is under increasing developmental pressure and is vulnerable to considerable landscape fragmentation. The FLT’s mission is to conserve and connect natural landscapes within development probable regions within the MD of Foothills and the Bow Basin.  The FLT is unique amongst Albertan land trusts in that we often protect small, yet ecologically significant, land parcels, thereby creating natural wildlife and riparian corridors. The FLT organization is an entirely volunteer run, community-based land trust.

Conservation easements can be a powerful tool for Albertans looking to fulfill long-term conservation goals on their property. The Miistakis Institute has created the Conservation Easements in Alberta web site to help landowners answer their conservation easement questions.

As of December 2013, 1054 ecological gifts valued at over $635 million have been donated across Canada, protecting over 150,000 hectares of wildlife habitat. Many of these ecological gifts contain areas designated as being of national or provincial significance, and many are home to some of Canada's species at risk.

“Our conservation easement with the Foothills Land Trust enables us to do our small part in making the vision of a healthy Highwood River Basin a reality while remaining on the land doing what we know best.” 

- Jacqueline Nelson, High River, AB

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